View from the outside, to make business in France seems to be complicated specially with the French Public Administration.

This is true and requires to acquire the French Public Tender Code knowledge as well as the public purchase procedure.

A company which decides to develop a Medical devices business in Europe can’t ignore the French market : the French total Medical Devices market is the second European market (behind Germany) and was estimated at 9.6 Billion $ in 2003 with a market growth of 4.5% per year.

The French disposable Medical Devices is estimated at 2.5 billion $. 50% of this business comes from Public Hospitals submitted to the French Public Tender Code.

Entering in this business requires to fully understand the tender procedure. It is a specialized job in France because it is a heavy, complicated task and a job that demands painstaking attention to detail.

We have developed a set of powerful tools to support your business in the French Medical Devices market and to make the tasks regarding the French Hospitals tenders, efficient and inexpensive :

"Intelligence of Public Tenders (IPT)".

The  IPT concept has been developed for Companies being not familiar with the heavy French public tenders policies.

A smart approach to enter the French Medical Devices Market

Intelligence of Public Tenders (IPT)